Don't Let Your Engine Overheat

Don't Let Your Engine Overheat

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Beever's Radiator Shop is a leader in radiator repairs in the Lubbock, TX area. We can complete everything from small repairs to rebuilds. Our turnaround times are quick, so you can get back on the road to do what matters most. We often offer one-day radiator repair services!

If you need a new radiator, count on us to install a new one. We only work with the top brands to give you the best results for a fair price.

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3 signs you need radiator repairs

You may need professional radiator repairs if:

  1. Your engine is overheating
  2. You're low on radiator fluid
  3. You have a coolant leak

Beever's Radiator Shop also offers specialty services like air cooler charging, cooling system flushing, AC condenser repairs and water pump replacements. Learn more about radiator repairs in Lubbock, TX by calling 806-744-0803 today.